I am Queen Diambi…

Very sensitive to this project, HRH Queen Diambi Kabatusuila of Congo actively supports this work, and is very happy to participate in its distribution.

The Queen said:

“I am Queen Diambi Kabatusuila Tshiyoyo Muata, queen of the Bena Tshiyamba of the Bakwa Luntu of Kasai Central in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I know my people well, but also many other peoples of Africa whom I love very much. I consider myself almost everywhere in Africa as being at home, because I have very particular bonds of friendship with many communities that are very different from each other, but yet very similar in terms of the importance given to community life. .

I have visited several countries, known many peoples and read many books on Africa, but when my eyes fell on FOREVER AFRICA I was struck by the beauty of the photos and the text, simple and eloquent, that the author Viviana Vammalle, supported by the editor Ana María de la Bruyère, wrote to accompany them. Each photo expresses the affection and respect she feels for our people and the trust and sense of belonging she has awakened in the locals. They smile at her and allow her to share special moments in their life, their family and their home.

Viviana is a unique being. She manifests her interest in people belonging to socio-economic conditions and an environment diametrically different from her own. At home in Argentina, Viviana works as a psychologist and is also interested in anthropology, which leads her to pour her vital experience into the project from which this fabulous book FOREVER AFRICA was born. Viviana is an exceptional woman who has left alone with her tent on the roads that have led her to different cultures, to remote villages where the lives of the inhabitants have not yet been touched by foreign philosophies and our Western values. …

A true early example of a free and independent woman, who used her interpersonal skills not to challenge or shock others, but to explore the world in her own way, full of charm and human warmth, without being intrusive… That’s how it is that she wins the hearts of people and that way people open their hearts to her. She has wonderful memories and it is a pleasure to sit down with her and listen to her talk about it. “